The traditional irrigation system, just like in the rest of the fertile area of Orihuela, is made up of an irrigation and drainage network that dates back to the Andalusi period. It is distinguished for having two types of watercourses: the living waters that irrigate the fields through large community-operated watercourses and irrigation channels and the dead stagnant waters used to drain the land through subsidiary irrigation ditches and return ditches where the water is run off into the river.


The Vereda (drover’s road) from Orihuela to Alicante passes through the palm grove and this is where the Vereda de los Cuadros or that of the Coto de Guillamón started off too. In times gone by vast numbers of transhumant livestock used to be herded along both of these as they headed for the pastures of Orihuela. The local small-scale livestock, namely goats and sheep, used to graze among the terraces of the palm grove and in the other areas of the fertile land.