A unique ecosystem

The Orihuela Palm Grove is a grouping of specimens of date palm cultivated and arranged regularly on the margins of terraces, roads, and irrigation channels. The Palm Grove has a crescent shape, occupying an approximate area of 637,400 m2. The shape of the palm grove is highly influenced by the place where it has arisen, sheltered by the Sierra de Orihuela to the north, the Monte de San Miguel to the south and the Oriolet to the west. Both because of its shape, and because of the fact of having arisen in the shelter of the mountain, bordering the Orihuela orchard, they have made it a unique system of agriculture, combining its historical character and the engineering of the water that plows through them, created by Muslims.


The Palm

The main type of palm tree found is the so-called “Phoenix dactylifera” that was brought there by the Muslims when they occupied the Iberian Peninsula. Some specimens are over 300 years old.

Palm grove black


Asset of Cultural Interest. The Palm Grove of Orihuela was declared “Picturesque Area” in July 1963.

Flora and fauna

A unique ecosystem of plants and animals lives in El Palmeral de Orihuela.

Agriculture and Livestock

Discover the agricultural exploitation system of El Palmeral, the traditional irrigation systems, the chancers, the ditches …