Hundreds of people have attended the Palmeral de Orihuela to enjoy a concert that sounded a lot to the eighties and nineties. They enjoyed the tribute to “The Last of the Row”, an activity that was part of those destined for World Environment Day, but that had to be postponed to July 3 due to the heavy rains on the weekend of June 5 .

Attendees were able to sing well-known songs from this group and its singer, Manolo García, such as “Un burro tied”, “Insurrección” or “Llanto de Pasión”. 2 hours of concert in a unique setting that is prepared to host this type of performance. In fact, the mayor of the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio, has indicated that, if the pandemic allows it, he hopes that this will be the first of many shows in the best of the scenarios that Orihuela has.