This week has started the program “The future of the Palm Grove, in your hands” which, organized by the Department of the Environment, in collaboration with Hidraqua, aims for schoolchildren to learn the whole process of creating a palm tree, from its germination until its final plantation in the Palmeral. Because there they will go. Each fifth grade student from Orihuela, about 1,300, will already put their seed to be able to have a palm tree with her name in the BIC.


During the month of March, a monitor from the Vega Baja Science Interactive and Educational Museum (MUDIC) is going to the different educational centers to give a talk to the students to explain the whole planting process, as well as helping them to carry out the germination process. Today it was the turn of the Fernando de Loaces school that has received the visit of the mayor of the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio, and the manager of Hidraqua in Orihuela, Juan José Alonso, who have been accompanied by the director of the center, María José Botella. Aparicio has indicated that this activity achieves two objectives: on the one hand, to meet the objective of the Palmeral Master Plan of planting up to 3,000 palm trees in 10 years and, on the other, to create an emotional bond between young people with the Palmeral and In this way, they see it with another vision that allows its greater care in the coming years for these generations, who are the ones that will govern this municipality in the future.

For his part, Juan José Alonso has announced that Hidraqua collaborates in the activity by providing the material means to carry it out and “it has been done thanks to the participation of the 30,000 subscribers that the Orihuela City Council has, since for several For years the paperless bill has been implemented and, for each subscriber that is switched to it, the company invests one euro in the environment ”. Alonso has asked Oriolanos who have not yet done so to switch to the paperless bill because they are all benefits for the environment and for the municipality.

Finally, the director of the center has said that they are delighted with this initiative “because it reaches them to the bottom and more in these centers that are in the heart of the Palmeral and that always carry out activities in this enclave. I think there should be many of this type of initiative because it makes students reflect and experience the issue of the environment in a different way, very close to them ”.

Dámaso Aparicio and Juan José Alonso will also have a plant with their name in the BIC because, taking advantage of the visit, they have germinated a palm tree that they will have to plant in the future.