Guided tours return to the Orihuela Palm Grove

The interpretative visits return to the Palmeral de Orihuela. They will be available by appointment, which will allow a more personalised and attractive experience for visitors. From now until the end of June, those interested can book their visit and immerse themselves in the routes designed to discover the secrets of the Palmeral and its surroundings.

You can book your visit on the website Through this platform, they will be able to select the date and time that best suits their preferences and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

During these visits, participants will have the opportunity to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Palm Grove, as well as learn about its fascinating history. Expert guides will share knowledge about the importance of the ecosystem and highlight the culture that enriches the Palm Grove today.

The Palm Grove Interpretation Centre will be the starting point for these visits, a modern and welcoming space that offers an interactive introduction to this exceptional landscape. Here, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the history and values of the Palm Grove through exhibitions, audiovisuals and other educational resources.

The Orihuela Palm Grove, recognised as an Asset of Cultural Interest and Picturesque Landscape, is an exquisite oasis that captivates all who are lucky enough to behold it. With more than 9,000 palm trees, it is one of the most significant examples of the Arab imprint on the Iberian Peninsula and a window into the historical past of the city of Orihuela.